Karma launcher for ievms virtual machines.

NPM version

This Karma plugin adds browser launchers for ievms virtual machines. This allows for testing across multiple versions of Internet Explorer simultaneously.


You must have installed whichever IE virtual machines you wish to use with ievms or iectrl.


Install the plugin from npm:

$ npm install karma-ievms --save-dev

Or from Github:

$ npm install 'git+' --save-dev

Install the ievms virtual machines on which you wish to test. See the ievms homepage or iectrl for further instructions.

Add ievms virtual machine names to the browsers key in your Karma configuration:

module.exports = (config) ->

    # Start these browsers:
    browsers = [
      'IE8 - WinXP'
      'IE9 - Win7'
      'IE10 - Win7'

    # ...


Just run your tests!

$ karma start
INFO [karma]: Karma v0.9.3 server started at http://localhost:9876/
INFO [launcher]: Starting browser IE8 - WinXP
INFO [launcher]: Starting browser IE9 - Win7
INFO [launcher]: Starting browser IE10 - Win7
INFO [IE 10.0.0 (Windows 7)]: Connected on socket id QMtH-ssLaEC-4Ad-HQcx
INFO [IE 8.0.0 (Windows XP)]: Connected on socket id 7cU0uMkf_0LKybq0HQcy
INFO [IE 9.0.0 (Windows 7)]: Connected on socket id Qva0anolj13o15hqHQcz
IE 10.0.0 (Windows 7): Executed 1 of 1 SUCCESS (0.155 secs / 0.022 secs)
IE 8.0.0 (Windows XP): Executed 1 of 1 SUCCESS (0.219 secs / 0.063 secs)
IE 9.0.0 (Windows 7): Executed 1 of 1 SUCCESS (0.369 secs / 0.028 secs)

If you'd like to see the debug output from ievms/iectrl, set the DEBUG environment variable to iectrl:*:

$ export DEBUG='iectrl:*' # for bash
$ set -x DEBUG 'iectrl:*' # for fish